I stink at this stuff. + new things! | Colorado Springs Photographer

So I’ve been a little MIA from the blog… and the Facebook page… 

In the midst of traveling and finally arriving back home in Colorado, my kids have caught “the bug.” The utterly nasty bug that makes them (and me!) sick to my core and keeps me both on my feet and off my feet at the same time. On my feet, as in cleaning up all the nastiness involved with “the bug,” and off my feet as in cuddling with my sweet babies to make them feel better. 

– side note — Has anyone else noticed that there is NOT a t-shirt (at least to my knowledge) that talks about this kind of stuff in mommy hood? Just saying.

Anywho… As I’ve said before, some very exciting things are coming for Jeri Layne Cox Photography! Exciting new things for me as a photographer, exciting things for my clients, new products… The list goes on. All of these things that are happening are going to benefit the most important part of my business – my clients! 

This year, I plan on getting so much more personal with each and every one of my amazing clients! These days, with social media and iPhones and all other things technology, getting personal with someone is a lot harder to do. I want to implement personality into my photography business (or, more personality – however you choose to read it :)) and get to know my clients and what they want out of their personal photography experience! 

With that being said, one of the many new things taking place in my business is a new newsletter. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Just another piece of “junk” mail in your inbox, right?

Wrong. Oh-so-wrong. Wrong in the best way possible. 

The newsletter will be a way for me to add a bit of personalization to my clients, a limited personal encounter whereas you – the subscriber – would receive special announcements, discounts, sales, special blog posts and anything else that is awesome straight to your inbox FIRST! Before anyone else, YOU will get access to all the goods and have first dibs on any session specials, mini session spots, print sales… The list is truly endless. 

With all of THAT being said, what reason do you have for NOT subscribing to my newsletter? 

None. 🙂

I will be putting the finishing touches on the newsletter this week and it will go live NEXT WEEK!!!

Information for Valentine’s Day mini sessions will also go live next week. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. My best models are sick. 😉

xoxo — Jeri Layne Cox



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