Spring Session Styling – Week 2 | Colorado Springs Child and Family Photographer



I just have to say real quick before we get into Week 2’s Session Styling post that I am so thrilled and humbled at the response that last week’s Spring Session Styling post got! It truly makes me happy to know that I am providing information that is beneficial to my readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Without further interruption… This week’s Spring Session Styling spotlight is H&M!

Every outfit you will see below is head-to-toe H&M, and everything can be found online on their website.

H&M is definitely one of the best things since sliced bread and the iPhone, and is a truly fashionable and affordable store that caters to babies, kids and men and women. Their style of clothing is very hip and gives off an urban vibe(think ‘urban chic’.)

We’ll start with the babies 🙂



Honestly, I’m a sucker for baby girl clothes everywhere I shop. The fact that I don’t have a ‘baby’ girl doesn’t matter… I just love seeing what the going trends are, and I love how much more ‘cutesy’ it is versus big girl clothes. My favorite outfit is the green card with the yellow jeans and hat. Can it get any cuter than that?




So for baby boys, and actually for the older boys and men too, I noticed that there is more of an urban approach with H&M’s male line of clothing. To me, this is perfect as this is what I would dress my son in for pictures. So, I would definitely bring pops of color in with the women in the family. This would be especially cute for a mom of all boys 🙂




For the girls I really tried to incorporate a bright and fun feel to the outfits, especially because they’re for girllssss. Each of these outfits to me are fun and colorful without looking too young, like toddler and infant girl clothing.




As I said, most of the color should be in the girl’s outfits to really perk up the edginess in the boy’s outfits. These looks are 100% male. Jeans, collared shirts and tennis. With guys I love to play up the shoes, even if it doesn’t exactly go with the clothing attire. They don’t necessarily have to match in color, but they can be just the pop that’s needed to really make an outfit look cool.



You all I’m sure can sense a pattern happening here… I’m really into keeping it casual for women. H&M really provides a great selection of both casual AND dressy apparel and literally, they can meet everyone’s personal style. I dare a woman to walk into H&M and not come out with something (or ten things) that she had to have. You can thank me later. 🙂


Men… My husband actually gave me the ‘okay’ on this pair of colored pants. Like I said last week, I LOVE a man in colored pants. It automatically says that he’s confident in his clothing choice, and we all know that if we dress well, we FEEL well.

And now a few family remixes 🙂



For those of you who have never been to an H&M store but are now dying to go, you can thank me later. 🙂

–warm hugs–

Jeri Layne


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