Update coming! + recent work | Killeen, TX Photographer

Heyyyyyy guys…

I know, I said I would be blogging more. Life got a little busy, and not that it’s going to be any less busier, I just felt like posting tonight (this morning… It’s almost 4 a.m. and I cannot sleep.)

The blog will soon be getting a much needed face lift – the designer and I have something scheduled for mid to late September sooooo until then, it’s still pretty plain jane. I decided to hire a designer because I just cannot understand HTML and all the hubbub that goes into website coding. But good things are coming! Hallelujah!

Onto some of that recent work of mine…



Easily one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken. In my home town, we have what’s called the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival, and this was taken at the carnival that helps commemorate the festival each year. I rode on that ferris wheel when I was my daughter’s age (pictured far right, next to Aunt Lala and her cousin, Jordyn.) If not THAT ferris wheel, there were definitely a few rides that haven’t changed since I was a kid, and I just get such a feeling of nostalgia every year around this time. Anyway — I just decided what the heck… I’ll take my camera — totally not thinking the images would come out this great.





The four year olds were incredibly bored at this point… This was about twenty minutes into their ride. 🙂




Here is a before & after of the first image. I used my Creamy Dreamy Background Tutorial method to create the finished image on the right. If you’re interested in purchasing the tutorial, you can visit the link below and enter SALE60 at checkout to snag it for 60% off!




I also snuck in this shot of my stunning baby sister, Lauren. ❤


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– xoxo – 

Jeri Layne


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