School Daze

So even though the kid’s first day of school was last Monday, I still felt the need to commemorate it with a mini session, so that’s what we did this morning!





Do you ever take a look at your kids and think “Man, those are my kids.  They came from me, and they’re awesome”? I thought that the whole way to school this morning. We listened to music on my phone on the way and they were running ahead and Trinity was twirling and CC was shoving her every so often… Then, when we came upon this sporting field (that I’ve never seen anyone use) they both went into super-kid mode and let me take their pictures. Happily. Not a scowl to be seen.




Seriously — how precious do they look?


Trinity is in first grade and loves school and reading and math. She’s had homework every day since the first day of school, got a 100 on her first spelling test of the year and loves getting up early every morning to watch Sponge Bob while she gets ready. There have already been talks from others in her class about birthday parties and how she’s invited to everyone’s and that she’s so and so’s best friend, and it makes my heart soar how much she immerses herself in her relationship with others. Being able to send your child to school and know that they are happy and thriving is such a blessing.


Christian, while very outgoing like his sister and friendly as can be, still isn’t too sure how he feels about going back to school but insists that he loves going. He just isn’t as specific when I ask him how his day was — just good. His teacher brags on him everyday about what a sweet heart he is. I took the kid’s lunch money to the cafeteria yesterday after I had dropped them off and by the time I left I could see his class out at recess. CC was wearing a bright blue t-shirt so he was easy to spot, and I saw him pushing a little girl on the swing set… Talk about heart melting. He’s only in Pre-K 4 but I just love how outgoing and friendly this kid is to others. ❤


Both kids love their teachers and the new friends they’ve made in class, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store and how much they will learn!





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